Program Goals and Outcomes for 2013

The Capital Care Collaborative and it's various programs such as Project Access and Community Case Management challenged themselves in 2013 to meet certain goals.  They succeeded, and even surpassed their objectives in many cases.  An example was the goal to connect 450 uninsured individuals with a primary care home, instead they connected 520.  Below you can view the goals and successes of the various components of the Capital Care Collaborative over the last year.  Click here to see the future goals of 2014.


Project Access Annual Outcomes

  • Increase access to special care for uninsured individuals
    • Goal - Serve 4,000 Project Access Patients / Actual Outcome - Project Access Served 3987 Patients
    • The value of donated care for 2013 - Over 15 Million

Community Case Management Outcomes

  • Reduce client hospital visits by 50%
    • Outcomes for 2013 show that ED visits were reduced by 53%.
    • INP visits in 2013 were reduced by 77%
    • The estimated financhel return on investment from reduced hospital visits after enrollment: 1 Million

Homeless Programs Outcomes

  • In 2013 we were able to:
    • Enroll 165 homeless men and women in The Community Stabilisation Program (CSP) and connect nearly all of them to primary care.
    • Connect approximately 80 CSP clients with behavioral health services.
    • Improve the housing status for about 75% of CSP enrollees.